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February 4, 2021 at 4:30 AM

Mammelons (also spelt mamelons) are bumps that usually appear on the top of newly erupted (this is when a tooth has broken out from its crypt & is visible in the mouth) permanent upper and lower, central and lateral incisors (the front teeth).

How are mammelons formed?

All teeth develop from lobes. A lobe is the primary anatomical division of a crown; i.e it is a division of the upper part of the tooth that is covered in enamel (the crown) & it grows to form a part of the tooth. Like other teeth, the lobes of the incisors grow together under the gingiva (the gum), however they have 3 lobes that grow to form the front of the tooth.

Are they abnormal?

Absolutely NO. These are natural characteristics and they will disappear as child grows. This is because, over time, as a child uses their permanent teeth continuously to chew their food, the mammelons gradually wear away. On the other hand, if an adult who still has mamelons, it may be because when you bite, your top front teeth don’t touch your bottom front teeth.